Retail Building Of The Indoor Environment On Consumer Behaviour And Energy Consumption

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Retail building envelope interaction influence of the indoor environment on consumer behaviour and energy consumption in the U.K. Selection of the Topic Energy crisis and climate change have been causing the various problems of the environment. Concerning these issues. Nowadays, chain retailers increasingly formulate their own sustainable way or policy to make sure they could provide consumers and workers a comfortable environment to occupation and reduce energy consumption or carbon .The retailer sets stretching and realistic targets such as a 10% reduction in construction waste, trial new methods, materials and technology for estate.Specifically,this study focus on the relation between retail building envelope material, energy consumption and shopping behaviour. Research Objectives ,Research Questions and/or Hypothesis This study aims to understand retail building characteristics and energy performance status in the U.K.. In addition, how does building envelope material to affect people’s shopping behaviours and energy consumption at retail building. 1) Theories and retail policy of retail development in the U.K. 2) What is a sustainable retail building? 3) Psychological theories relate to indoor environments in retail buildings like thermal comfort, visual, increasing purchasing and consumer behaviour. 4) Analysing previous city centre retail buildings in the U.K. (Including, building shape, dimension, location, energy performance, occupant, construction, material,
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