Retail Clinics : An Ever Changing Field

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Retail Clinics Analysis Report

Derek Craigmyle

Contessa Jackson

James Phipps

Phuc Tran

Sullivan University

March 15, 2015

Health care is an ever-changing field. With better technology and improved healthcare reforms, companies are consistently trying to improve patient accessibility to care as well as reduce cost. Currently, there are many walk-in clinics being developed around the nation. These walk in clinics provide immediate access to a healthcare provider that can diagnose and prescribe prescriptions for the patient. Primarily located within grocery store chains and retail pharmacies, the clinics are easy access for patients. By strategically staffing physician assistants and nurse practitioners instead of medical doctors, these clinics have cut cost for themselves allowing them to provide health care at a lower cost than a regular physician’s office (Law, 2015).
Not only are retail clinics competing with each other, they are competing with doctors and hospitals. The key difference between visiting a doctor and visiting one of these clinics is availability. Availability is there because of decreased costs and expanded locations. No appointment is necessary for the retail clinics, which makes them preferable to the busy American lifestyle.
Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
The retail walk-in clinics are slowly gaining popularity within society. Statistics show that about 40 percent of patients who utilize these services do not
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