Retail Environmental Factors That Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

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Consumer buying behavior has became great interest to the marketing researches (Ali & Hasnu 2013, p. 1). Understanding the consumer buying behavior unable the mall managers plan effective marketing strategies. Researchers have identified number of different factors that influence consumer buying behavior. Retail environmental factors is one of these factors. This literature review seeks to identify the retail environmental factors that influence consumer buying behavior. The structure of this literature review is as follows. Firstly, the review describes the search process for the relevant studies. Following this, the review then explains the studies thematic analysis. Finally, the review provides an overall discussion of the findings and to identify the gaps in the literature.
The search process
In order to conduct the search for relevant articles, the Pro Quest was searched. As the research is about impact of mall environment on consumers buying behavior the combinations of the following key words were used (buying behavior or shopping behavior or Spending behavior) and (consumers or shoppers) and (mall environment or mall atmosphere or mall attributes) The following limits were applied to the search results: studies published between 2005 and 2015, and written in the English language. As a result of this search, seven studies were identified. Additionally, the titles and abstracts of these studies were reviewed and assessed for their significance for the…
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