Retail Environmental Factors That Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

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Consumer buying behavior has became great interest to the marketing researches (Ali & Hasnu 2013, p. 1). Understanding the consumer buying behavior unable the mall managers plan effective marketing strategies. Researchers have identified number of different factors that influence consumer buying behavior. Retail environmental factors is one of these factors. This literature review seeks to identify the retail environmental factors that influence consumer buying behavior. The structure of this literature review is as follows. Firstly, the review describes the search process for the relevant studies. Following this, the review then explains the studies thematic analysis. Finally, the review provides an overall discussion of
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In addition, a manual search was conducted in order to find other relevant studies and, from this process, 2 studies was found relevant. Overall, 9 studies were included in this review.
Thematic analysis
After a process of individual analysis of the selected studies, the articles were grouped together according to recurrent themes that emerged from the findings. In this literature review, three major themes were identified which include; window displays, music and shop crowding.

Window displays
In relation to window display, three studies reported that there is a positive relationship between consumers buying behavior and window display (Ali & Hasnu 2013, Karbasivar & Yarahmadi 2011 and Tendai & Crispen 2009). According to Ali & Hasnu (2013, p.7) consumers’ buying decision is influenced by the physical attractiveness of store displays. Consumers develop their first impressions by the store displays which emotionally attract them to the product and buy that product (Ali & Hasnu 2013, p.7). Similarly, Tendai & Crispen (2009, p. 107) reported that attractive window displays increases sales as consumers purchase unplanned products. Moreover, the finding of Karbasivar & Yarahmadi (2011) study indicated that window display has strong effect on encouraging consumers to buying more and enjoying their shopping time. In order to trigger shopping among consumers, store managers must ensure attractive store displays (Ali & Hasnu 2013, p. 7).
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