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Retail Pricing of Pandora

* Warranty
All Pandora products are covered by a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. * Sales
Pandora corporate headquarters dictates the prices and they have a Recommended Retail Price (RRP), most retailers are prohibited from undercutting their prices so the cost is consistent throughout a market/country. The only exception is Denmark because of the countries’ laws prohibiting a company from dictating the price of products. * Pandora prices differ throughout the world
Many things go into the Recommended Retail Price for the country, chief among them the cost of the materials, mainly gold used to make the Pandora product which fluctuates a lot. Also, the currency exchange is taken
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Pandora jewelry locator lower costs prompted the Pandora jewelry, with Pandora jewelry cheap price, obtained the advantage, make its "goods" pure and price, the image of target consumers Pandora jewelry won. "Excellent service, pure price" is the spirit of enterprise as a whole.

Focus on branded sales channels
Pandora increased the number of Pandora branded points of sale in selected markets to derive a significantly higher proportion of our revenues from Pandora branded sales channels in the future.

* Widen Variety
In recent years, we have significantly broadened our jewellery portfolio through the introduction of our Compose, LovePods and Liquid Silver collections launched in 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively. They achieve this through a strong focus on marketing and sales.

* Find ways to tackle new markets
Pandora to continue entering into new different geographical markets and expanding our presence in existing markets where they currently have little or no market presence. They do it through existing retail outlets in well established markets. Pandora focus more on increasing the number of Pandora branded points of sale (franchise
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