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Family Dollar 5430 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28213 RTL1005 – Professor Egeln Briona Brunson November 5, 2012 Executive Summary Introduction This executive summary will analyze the Family Dollar store on 5430 N Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28213. The information presented will cover the category of retail, background information on the retailer, demographic profile, an overview of the exact location of this particular store, and the justification of the location chosen. Background Information In 1959, Levine opened the first Family Dollar store (History). The category of retail Family Dollar falls under is discount store. This discount store sells general merchandise ranging from “consumable products” to “treasure…show more content…
The population of those who are between the ages of forty-five and sixty-four is 22,074, which makes up 20.24% of the population. Finally, the population of those who are sixty-five and older is 7,285, which accounts for 6.68% of the population. Race is also broken down into four segments: White, Black, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Hispanic. The White segment is made of 29,138 and accounts for 26.33% of the population. The Black segment consists of a population of 56,672, which accounts for 51.22% of the population. The Asian and Pacific Islander segment has a population of 3,273, which accounts for 2.96% of the population. Lastly, the Hispanic segment has a population of 21,556, which accounts for 19.5% of the population. The average percentage of the population in family households in the three zip codes is 64.67%. Those over twenty-five years of age with a college education has a population of 17,043, which accounts for 15.51% of the population. For further brake down of this information, refer to Appendix B. The overview of the community for the three zip codes, provided by Allen Tate Realtors, analyzes the community, housing stability, housing inventory, education, and employment {(Community Overview for 28206),(Community Overview for 28213),( Community Overview for 28215)}. The community summary looks as population growth, population density, household size, and households with children.
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