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Marketing Concepts


Major Report

The Australian Takeaway Food Retailing Industry

17 May 2009

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary iii

Introduction 1

Discussion 3

1 Markets 3

1.1 Trends in Size 3

1.2 Growth 4

1.3 Profit 4

1.4 Sales 4

1.5 Distribution 5

1.6 Customers 5

1.7 Competitors 6

1.8 Other Stakeholders 7

2 Major External Factors 9

2.1 Demographic Factors 9

2.2 Economic Factors 9

2.3 Technological factors 10

2.4 Political factors 11

2.5 Natural Factors 11

2.6 Cultural Factors 12

3 Competitive Comparison – reaching the consumer 13

3.1 Market Mix Audit 13

3.2 McDonalds Woodbine – the
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The younger age groups are the highest consumers of this industry product therefore marketers need to focus on this demographic in order to maintain a sustainable industry. Competitors need to ensure they do not pull out of the market when faced with a retailing giant such as McDonalds.



The purpose of this report is to analyse the current market situation of the Australian take away food industry from Macro and Micro perspectives to provide recommendations to further enhance marketing opportunities in the medium to long term.


The report is limited to corporations with a relatively large market share of the industry.


In researching the influencing factors of the marketing concept of major take away food retail organisations, information was collected from online material on company websites, marketing textbooks and industry reports before presenting the findings.


It is assumed that this report will provide a discussion point for marketing professionals in the takeaway food industry and for marketing students for an understanding of the marketing influences of the industry.


The report is limited to the research findings available on company websites and industry reports and does not provide up-to-date statistical information

available from the ABS. The report

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