Retail Industry in India

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India has stepped in the exuberant age of retail. It ranks second after Russia as the most alluring destination for retailers among 30 emerging markets, according to the Global Retail Development Index developed by AT Kearney, a consultancy. The 10-12% increase in the economy’s disposable income can be seen clearly by the way goods and services are being brought and sold. Retail Trade contributes 10-11% of India’s GDP.

Case Question’s answers:

1. Why is the Indian retail industry so inviting?

The reason for the boom in retail is the gradual increase in disposable incomes of the middle and upper class household. Countries like US, Japan, U.K. have started out sourcing business activities and are willing to pay a handsome
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6. Conveyance Store : The stock most essential and FMGC products like food items and several products of daily use. The major players are Red Shop and My Mart. Although world wide they are open through out the day and night but this is not so all the palyers within this format in India.

7.Kiosk : they are small retails outletswhich are open on all sides and sell consumer goods like edibles and snacks, newspapers and so on. emphasis is on designing the kiosk façade-thet sport attractrive colour schemes. Some of the players are Mr. Orange , Cookie Man, Corn Man ,Kidz on Wheelz and so on.


Merrill Lynch which is a an advisory firm, expects the Indian Retail industry to grow to US$300 billion by 2010.

The domestic retail sector is picking up pace with more and more Indian companies entering the sector either on their own or in alliance with foreign retailers to set up premium or niche outlets.

While Indian companies such as Bharti, Reliance Retail, Essar, Future Group, Shoppers Stop and the Aditya Birla Group are still trying to consolidate their markets, others such as Mahindra & Mahindra, realty groups like Parsvnath and DLF, two-wheeler maker Hero Honda, chemicals and foods firm Jubilant group and brokerage and realty firm Indiabulls have announced plans to enter the retail sector.

Tobacco major
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