Retail Security Is A Set Of Practices Employed By Retail

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Retail Security is a set of practices employed by retail companies to prevent the mishaps of theft, shop-lifting, burglary and any bodily harm done to a human being or damage done to a standing structure. Retail security is a growing business on top of the business that they are protecting. This is called the prevention of retail loss and to protect the profit of the business. The number one goal of retail security is to protect and defend the company, plus the civilians that come into these businesses. Retail security is basically a form of law enforcement. Now Private security works along the same basis as private security but to a higher extent. Types of private security would be an alarm company such as ADT or Brinks, secret service…show more content…
Retail organizations will almost always, by organizational necessity, promote profit making as its main security and financial concern, in contrast to the federal government 's desire to protect the integrity of the nation over profit making. Industrial organizations and service-based industries from hospitals to schools may fall in between these two security concerns, hoping to both protect the public, protect and screen employees, and also for instance, industrial organizations, when engaging in internal investigations into employee conduct, usually decide such behavior merits investigation when it is against company and also against government policy, such as in regards to sexual harassment law that violate other employee 's sense of personal integrity. Companies do not wish to be found legally in violation of such statutes. Employee policy is thus subject to discipline as defined in employers ' codes of conduct. Transgressing policy may also be defined in collective bargaining agreements within corporate as well as within public legal structures.(Taylor & Francis pp.228)
Most security and protection systems emphasize certain hazards more than others. In a retail store, for example, the principal security concerns are shoplifting and employee dishonesty pilferage, embezzlement, and fraud. A typical set of
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