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Assignment for 4-02-09 1) Read Chapter 9 2) Do #5 under Get Out & Do It on pg 274. Be prepared to discuss your choice and reasons for it during class on Thursday. 3) Answer Discussion Questions 1,3,5,7 on pg 275. Put these in Digital Drop Box. 4) Read Retailing View 10.1 on pg 281 and Retailing View 10.3 on pg 294. 5) Read Chapter 10 Summary on pg 302. 6) Answer Discussion Question #5 on pg 303. 7) Do the Discussion Board Question. Page 275 1. Human Resource Management is especially important in retailing due to the simple fact that it involves such a vital aspect of any and every retailing organization-the employees! What is a retailing business without people working for it, with it, and toward the productivity goals and…show more content…
I would practice management by walking around, like Sam Walton. I would work WITH them, not above them, lead by example and create partnering relationship, reducing status differences, promoting from within, making employees know they have a chance to move up if they continue to move forward, I would also realize their personal needs and work to help them in balancing their schedule with their personal lives. I would offer incentives and keep an element of surprise up my sleeve at all times with contests and motivators for each employee. I would work hard at managing diversity and realize the benefits of a diverse workforce. I would defintitly keep the concept of support groups and mentoring programs as well as carreer development and promotions in mind to diminish the glass ceiling and create equal opportunities for everyone. Discussion Question Number 5 on page 303 Fast fashion is a retail business strategy that involves using supply chain management process to introduce fashionable merchandise in a quick, timely fashion to respond to consumer demand for the merchandise rapidly. Zara 's became the pioneer of this concept, and successfully operates this method. Due to the efficiency of its supply chain, Zara does not need to discount merchandise that isn 't selling, like other specialty store retailers. Zara 's customer 's visit the store an average of seventeen times a year. This approach is mainly
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