Retaining Ethics Rule And A Diversity

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Retaining ethics rule and a diversity is important in business world to succeed, but some businesspeople fail to apply diversity to their business. Particularly, discrimination is a case that proves the failure of business. In the case “Short Shorts,” it shows gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Lucy is a waitress at the Sandtrap, which is located on the beach and a popular restaurant for night bands. The Sandtrap is attractive during customers’ vacation season, but the number of customers is drastically declined during the off-season. Although Fred, an owner of the Sandtrap, tried various attempts such as promotions, these were not effective, and the final strategy which is changing waitresses’ uniforms was successful. All waitresses have to wear “low-cut and tight-fitting shirts,” and Lucy argued about her uncomfortable feelings due to sexual harassment by male customer, but Don, a manager, cared about only their profits. However, gender discrimination and sexual harassment cannot create profits and these are contrary to core human values.
Don wants Lucy to follow his decision which causes gender discrimination and sexual harassment, but it would finally decrease their profits. From the standpoint of consequentialist who more focus on whether a consequence is positive or negative rather than focusing on the way to reach the consequence, Don’s strategy can be a right action because high profit is absolutely good consequence and it is what
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