Retention in the Hospitality Industry

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Title Your Name Here University/ Class Teachers Name Abstract In the hospitality industry, specifically in hotels, the industry faces an increasing high turnover rate. When dealing with the hotel industry, the question arises as to why employees have high turnover. The first task to figuring out hotel employee turnover is to identify what the employee’s needs are and what the industry is doing to meet those needs. The article points out the need for wages. The second point discussed is safety needs. Teams benefit both the employer and the employees. The fourth need defined by Maslow is esteem. The fifth and final need mentioned is the need for self-actualization. Ultimately, the reason why the hospitality industry experiences…show more content…
In a recent study conducted by G. Graham at Barton School of Business at Wichita State University found that 63 percent of workers ranked recognition as the most important and meaningful incentive (WSU, 2010). The Industrial Engineer article mentions that companies achieve ones esteem needs by providing reward programs, recognition for performance and even promotions. The fifth and final need mentioned is the need for self-actualization. The article points out that companies can meet this need for their workers by providing programs such as tuition-aid reimbursement and sabbaticals. These programs are designed to encourage workers to preform at their highest levels, which will allow employees to bring new skills back into the workplace. Maslow has perfected the understanding of what it takes for employees to be truly happy. By understanding his theory and how it could apply to the workplace, we can better understand what it takes to improve retention in the hotel and hospitality industry. Ultimately, the reason why the hospitality industry experiences such high turnover is because most jobs offered in the hospitality industry lack the five basics needs mentioned by Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. It is said that there are five common reasons for the high turnover in the hotel industry (Boardman, 2010). The first reason for high turnover in the hospitality industry is due to seasonal work. Hotels must hire more
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