Rethink High School

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The traditional four year school system does not meet the needs of some high school students. Students in today’s society have their own unique method of learning. The more opportunities Education Achievement Authority offer the better students will be successful. Flexibility should be accommodated with the traditional school system because it will offer advance students extensive learning objectives, meanwhile assisting struggling students to a better understanding. Offering more opportunities to high school students can be very beneficial. High school should be more flexible because students can receive much more advantages rather than plenty of setbacks. The flexibility of high school will also offer a variety of choices such as, offering confused students more time to understand all while offering fast paced students the chance to excel. "I'd want to graduate in three years. My classes go too slow. While the rest of my class is going over their work I'm done." () Flexible schooling would help because students like her would have a chance to move to a much more based level as they are. Flexibility in the school system can offer more chances and possibilities for today's educators. The gap between poor children and their more wealthy peers widens over the course of their school careers is the break in learning over the summer is "summer slice."() On the contrary funds are not included in education. Some argue that hosting year-round schools will cut cost, on
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