Rethink Of Prison Overcrowding

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A man stands in front of the parole board and explains his life story to the judges who will decide if he will be let out of prison early or stay the full term. The man has a lower chance of getting out of prison being that he is a black man, but this is what the prison system claims not to be a factor of releasing people from prison. However, one in four White men is more likely to be released in the first six months of prison, than a Black or Hispanic man (Winerip). According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics the United States had 1.53 million people in federal and state prisons in the year of 2015 (“Prisoners in 2015”). Now that prison systems are on the rise in the United States, it takes away from funds that are actually valuable to…show more content…
The amount of people in prison has been on a rise since the 1970s and with the amount increasing every year it is becoming a problem in the United States (Gonnerman 34). Some may argue that overcrowding is not a problem in the United States. However, in the 1970s, there were at least 200,000 people in State and Federal prison combined, now there are 1.53 million people in State and Federal prison (Gonnerman 34). The prison system has risen so much in the United States that places, like, Texas, Montana, Mississippi, California, and Washington have programs to fix overcrowding (Stratton). In the state of Texas they have decided to create a program to help them save prisoners by investing in health of prisoners. The program is meant to help them get off drugs and help with mental illness, which the program saved Texas $2 billion of taxpayer money (Stratton). The state of Montana is planning to save $70 million in the year of 2023, if senate bills pass with reducing the amount of people in prison by 74% in the next years (Standsberry). The other three states that are mentioned above have the same plans as the other states mentioned above and most of them have worked out like the others. The overcrowding in prison is a problem in the United States, but it is not the only problem United States have with…show more content…
First reason being overcrowding, that the amount of people has been on the rise since the 1970s. The amount of people in prison went from 200,000 people to 1.53 million in the recent years. In result, of overcrowding states had to find way to cut down on the people in prison. Next, reason is that parole boards discriminate against ethnic groups during parole. The state of New York has proven to have parole boards that discriminate even before talking to the one coming to speak. Even studies have proven that one in four white men are more likely to be released compared to one and six white man. Finally, the United States has a prolific amount of spending for prisons. Instead of giving more money to prisons they give it to the building of more prisons. The United States spends $73 billion to prison, but it goes over the budget it need every year. While, education is only given $530 billion annually and that is the only amount of money education is given in a year. The United Should rethink prison systems because it is a problem that is to overcrowded to hold more people and it taking money from programs that will make the United States a better
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