Rethink Schools

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The group, Rethinking Schools, opposes the Common Core. Rethinking Schools believe that the standards are going to fail like they have in the past. Many times the Common Core is compared to NCLB when saying there are too many standardized tests implemented that are unnecessary. Also mentioned are factors such as the cost of tests, teachers, and technology. Rethinking Schools defines the purpose of education in a democracy through the democratic equality approach. A quote from David Labaree says, “From the democratic equality approach to schooling, one argues that a democratic society cannot persist unless it prepares all of its young with equal care to take on the full responsibilities of citizenship in a competent manner” (Labaree, 1997).…show more content…
She believes that standardized tests only reflect the differences of race and class. The tests only show us the prevalent achievement gap. She interprets the purpose of education in a democracy as one where adults are respected as thinkers. In a video posted from the Albert Shanker Institute, Deborah Meier said, “A crisis in education is a crisis in democracy” (Youtube, 2014). This quote shows the importance of education in a democratic society. Another quote from Deborah Meier says, “Even in the hands of sincere allies of children, equity, and public education, the current push for far greater standardization than we’ve ever previously attempted is fundamentally misguided” (Meier, 2000). Rethinking Schools believe that there should be no more standardized tests, that a curriculum should be based on citizenship, and that students should be active participants in society. The organization and Deborah Meier both believe in democratic equality. The democratic equality approach goes against the Common Core which leads to the conclusion that Deborah Meier would agree with Rethinking Schools on the matter. She would be against the Common Core, just like the Rethinking Schools
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