Rethinking The Color Line Summary

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Placing people in a racial category based on their apperance, genetics and more. This has been part of our history all around the world and we do continue to doing this. The definition of race might have changed throughout time but how we place people in a specific category has not changed. We analysis race because it matters and affects everyone differently based on their background in their everyday life experience. The purpose of categorizing people into different racial groups can be how we see each other and the exterior traits. Exterior traits include their skin tone, type of hair and eye color. In “Rethinking the Color Line – Understanding How Boundaries Shift,” Gallagher mentions we tend to sort out the categories by skin color and then by cultural background. These racial differences have been predetermined by having the mindset of having a superior and inferior group. The superior group are to be the whites and inferior group are the minorities. These ideas have changed because of the major influences such as time, social and politics. The distinctions between groups decided upon…show more content…
The reading "Virginia’s Definition of a Mulatto" written by Thomas Jefferson, Richard Holland Johnston, demonstrates how even the slightest drop of black blood can cause the person to be categorize as a Mulatto. There is equation for figuring out if you are not white. This shows a big changed since this article was first written because we do not hear or use the word mulatto anymore. The Pew Research Center article demonstrates comparing a timeline through 1790 to 2000 census, there was a lot of changes through these specific years. The drastic change in the black category changed numerous times with different names such mulatto, black slaves or black. There wasn't a big change to the census until 1870 where they started to add groups into the census such as the Indians and the Chinese. This also shows
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