Rethinking the Color Line: Larger Issues of Races and Racism Reflected By Romance

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Considering the statistics given, it is visible that Black-White marriages and Asian-American marriages were a taboo in the early twentieth century however this trend has gain familiarity and fame in the masses reflecting that individuals from Black and Asian ethic groups are becoming more acceptable to Whites.
It was the interracial marriages which made many states change their legislation, lift bans on interracial marriages and made amendments to the existing laws by showing acceptability and leniency to interracial romance. There have been reported cases where individuals from different racial background got married and lost acceptance from both the social groups which made them suffer a great deal. However, over the period of time, their relationship gained acceptance.
The statistics related to these interracial marriages clearly reflect a decline in the racist attitude towards blacks and Asians. However, as per the work of Heather M. Dalmage, the issue of racism has its roots sown in interracial marriages as well. Where the increasing number of interracial marriages clearly shows a change in racist's attitude against Blacks and Asian, one must…
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