Retinal Recognition And Biometrics

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Retinal scanning: Like DNA each human retina is unique. Its complex structure makes harder to bypass for intruders.
Unique pattern of a user retina is mapped earlier into system, then a low perceived beam of light is casted on the eye to map and match with the stored retinal mapping of that user
Iris recognition: Iris is a thin circular structure in the eye. Infrared rays used to perform Iris recognition. It’s used to identify an individual by analyzing the unique pattern of the iris from a certain distance. Iris of every human are different from each other. Iris recognition biometrics is contactless, which makes it the most hygienic biometric modality
Fingerprint is widely used as it’s cheap. The three basic patterns of
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It works on the basis of ‘tickets’. The client authenticates itself to the Authentication Server which forwards the username to a key distribution center (KDC). The KDC issues a ticket-granting ticket (TGT), which is time stamped and encrypts the secret key and returns the encrypted result to the user's workstation. This is done infrequently, typically at user logon; the TGT expires at some point although it may be transparently renewed by the user's session manager while they are logged in.
When the client wants to communicate with another node, then it needs to send the TGT to the ticket-granting service (TGS), which usually shares the same host as the KDC. The Service must be registered at TGT with a Service Principal Name (SPN). The client uses the SPN to request access to this service. After verifying that the TGT is valid and that the user is permitted to access the requested service, the TGS issues ticket and session keys to the client. The client then sends the ticket to the service server (SS) along with its service request.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one of protocol of authentication methods.SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data ,a public key known to everyone and a

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