Retired Nfl Players

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Blake Harris June 5, 2012 Retired NFL Players Every fall a majority of Americans count down the days to the start of every NFL season. It is the time of the year when people look forward to traveling to their favorite team’s stadium, or powering up the big screen to watch the game. The NFL provides an outlet every Sunday for people to relax and enjoy exciting entertainment. Everyone looks forward. So many people have invested themselves into their favorite team by purchasing season tickets, sporting countless items of team gear, devoting many hours to fantasy football, and gambling. It is no secret the level of impact that the NFL has on so many people of all ages and genders. The NFL does a great job marketing their product…show more content…
Steele reports that the latest collective bargaining deal reportedly provides a $1 billion increase in benefits for former players, and $620 million of that being designated to player pensions. I couldn’t agree with Steele more when he states that the NFL is a $9 billion dollar industry and needs to take further steps to protecting its former players (Steele, 2011). The NFL attempted to appease former NFL players by coming up with a benefit plan known as the “88 plan”. The plan was designed to provide money for the care of former players suffering from dementia. Goodell was quoted in the article stating, "The men who played professional football decades ago deserve our respect and recognition, and their contributions to our game must never be overlooked.” "Neither I nor the NFL clubs will turn our backs on them." (Mihoces, 2007) The NFL would later expand the requirements for the 88 plan due to the findings of Boston University researchers. The 88 Plan was developed to assist former players with medical expenses related to dementia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (A.L.S.), or Lou Gehrig's disease. Researchers found that deceased players that were diagnosed with A.LS. actually had a different disease that cause degeneration of the central nervous system. The discovery led researchers to link the players’ condition with athletic brain trauma (SCHWARZ, 2010). The 88 Plan was created
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