Retirement Should Be A Tough Time For Older Adults

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Retirement could be a tough time for older adults. It is important to make the right choices, so you can live better once you retire. You can make decisions before you retire that could help when you get older. Ann Brenoff gives us just some of the ways that you can have a better retirement in her article, 5 Ways to Make Your Retirement Not Suck. Today, U.S. citizens are facing struggles with retirement. The percentage of people aging from 55 to 64 who doubt that they will have enough to live on during retirement rose over the years. In 2006, the percentage was 26 percent. In 2012, the percentage of people grew to 36 percent. The number of older adults who are suffering from hunger also rose. From 2001 to 2011 the number of seniors experiencing hunger skyrocketed to 200 percent. Figuring out where you will live when you retire is Brenoff’s first way to living a better retirement. The location of their home plays a major role in retirement. It is harder for somebody to live in areas like New York and Los Angeles. The cost of living in these areas is expensive especially if you have a place that you have to maintain. Brenoff recommends people should check the Internet for affordable places to retire in. There are many websites that show great places to retire based on things like weather, crime, and price. Brenoff also says that you should visit some of the places you think you might be interested in. That is the best way to really tell if you can see yourself living there.
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