Retrospective Analysis Of Personality Has Changed Throughout The Years

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Retrospective Analysis of Personality

My personality has changed throughout the years. When I was younger I was very self conscious, afraid of what individuals thought of me. I was quiet, shy and hated confusion. I was always trying to impress everyone and fit in the “Circle”. I am a stubborn person I just enjoy things going my way. It makes me feel more in my comfort zone when I am in control of a situation. I am very doubtful about a lot of things, and my response to that is that trust is something that you earn. It is not just handed to you and my trust is not given easily nor is my guard down in the beginning. Trust, loyalty, dependability, etc are all important to me as well. So, proving yourself is important. At one point in time I would hold resentment towards someone if they were out of line and it usually took me a while to get over a situation if it truly hurt me. I have been able to let the grudge phase die down as I have gotten older. How time will changes how I feel and act. As I grew up, I became very outspoken and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I was so concerned about how people felt about me. Nowadays I can care less of what people think of me. I came to the conclusion that it is my life and I am the only one that could make me happy. There is only one chance at this thing call life. I must make the best of my life. I realized that life is too short to be dwelling on a situation that everyone has apologized for. There is no love lost. I am
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