Retrospective Analysis of Personality

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In my youth, my mother told me that my personality was extremely trusting and warm. I suppose you could say that I was the perfect example of a sunny personality. She said I would even make strangers smile and my respectful nature was always a huge bonus winning over even the crankiest individual. That of course all ended when I endured the cruelty of public school’s relentless bullies, life’s hardships, molestations, and financial difficulties. My personality hardened, I became withdrawn, less trusting, bitter, and unapproachable. I could not stand to be around a lot of people, share my things, or tolerate strangers touching me. My life became miserable and I developed a deep depression which made me fear being too happy. I knew…show more content…
My father was independent, manipulative, cruel, and narcissistic which led me to have a fierce attitude when pushed hard enough, manipulate the opposite sex to get things I wanted (please note that much of this had to do with being molested for years and soon ended when I had finally found my soul mate), and be unapproachable though independent. My mother is very sarcastic, humorous, and strong with slight bouts of depression, agreeableness, and dependency. This I believe led to my depressive state, sarcastic nature, humor, and when paired with a mate dependent nature. The nurture that shaped my personality definitely came from the vast often horrific life events I came across over the years. The molestations and rape killed a lot of the trust I had for others, but the yearning for acceptance brought on most likely by the years of being bullied often make me trust someone before I get to know them and see their true colors. Working alongside cruel powerful yet cruel individuals has dampened the wondrous personality I once had. I no longer wake to greet the morning and very rarely greet others. I am riddled with depression and cannot stand life itself many days of the week. The good days of my life do help me to remember to smile during the other days but not for very long. My life is hard and such is my personality. Nature – Genetics/Nurture-environment My reflection of the justification to distinguish between nature and nurture is that nature deals
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