Return On Investment : Electronic Health Records

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Return on Investment Electronic Health Records have enhanced how information is stored and transmitted in the healthcare setting. They are a safe and much more secure way of maintaining records. In addition to security, it speeds up service times for patients and records can be transported through the click of a mouse. EHRs are now mandatory as a directive set by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and all healthcare organizations must conform or face a heavy penalty (EHR adoption, 2011). Despite the fact that many organizations do not like change, there are some positive outcomes that could occur if an organization switches from the “old” way of doing things to a new EHR system. By implementing an EHR system, an organization could see more money to the bottom line. Many organizations have been noticing that EHRs are allowing them to become more efficient and they have seen business grow in recent years. Dr. Larry Garber a physician and medical director for informatics at Worcester, Mass based Reliant Medical group said” The $24 million EHR investment was worth every penny, the medical group has seen return on investment, big revenue boosts and a huge increase in compliance and clinical results. (McCann, 2013). EHRs can be designed by the individual organization. They don’t have to come in a one size fit all category. Dr. Gerber spoke about his practice designing an EHR feature for radiologist that allowed them to correct the percentage of incorrectly ordered
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