Return On Investment ( Roi )

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Return on Investment (ROI) What it is, the Variables, Obstacles and Execution “The biggest tragedy in America is not the waste of natural resources, though this is tragic. The biggest tragedy is the waste of human resources.” Oliver Wendell Holmes (“Quotes On Human Capital”) Human resources are the primary concern of all businesses in the world, for without the engagement of human intelligence, fortitude and resourcefulness business is all but lost to the competition. The basic resource in any company is the people that are employed to do the tasks assigned to them to meet the customers demand for new, improved products and services. Training and development of the human capital has evolved from the hands-on approach to technological classroom and virtual training. Globally the evolution in training is moving rapidly but the capital to provide comprehensive training is often restricted and funding is challenged. How does a corporation measure the training and development of their human capital? Can an organization establish realistic goals and provide a clear method of accounting for training in relationship to the business strategy? It is my goal to address these questions by first looking at a brief history of human resource accountability, then exploring the key components, variables and obstacles of the Return on Investment evaluation method. HISTORY OF HUMAN RESOURCE ACCOUNTABILITY Accounting for human resources has been
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