Return On Investments : An Organization's Potential

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Return on investments is the glue to holding businesses and health care organizations together and receive a return on profit. Accountants, financial executives, and senior management must demonstrate key knowledge to handle high-priority financial data and making reports. It’s a constant need to stay up to date with finances, statistics, accounting, and economics. The five prior return on investment phases are the building blocks to construct the final project paper. The consolidation of the five phases will organize and portray the overall picture of the importance of report on investments and how the whole concept can reach an organization’s potential. Endless possibilities are with return on investments to gain profit in a for- or not-for profit health care organizations for management and steady growth. The long-term benefit of return on investments is achievable when knowledge, leadership, teamwork, and monitoring the expectations of ROI are met. Introduction The five phases consolidated of the return on investment presented in this project entail the wide-range of the topics of each previous phase. It’s worth mentioning of the extensive history, hard versus soft, justification of expenditure, and look back analysis for return on investments pertaining to health care organizations. All of the phases provide the overall understanding and complete picture of return on investments for increased revenue for businesses. Financial executives, accountants, senior
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