Return of Martin Guerre

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Starting with the premodern society and moving on to our modern society I will compare and contrast the two societies. In the film The Return of Martin Guerre, the people lived on a pre modern society. They lived in a agricultural society and this was shown by many reasons. First they had permanent homes and used animals as well as tools to work their crops. They also used a crop rotation instead of burning the land. This is just a basic outline of the society that Martin lived in. Looking deeper into their social structure their society was much different than a modern one. As far as statuses and roles, Martins society believe that status was more ascribed than achieved. This meant that being an older person or a parent meant you…show more content…
Events such as marriage were shared and talked about and doing things as an individual wasnot common, like Martin originally leaving the village. Another example is that when the travelers came into town they were not seen as trustworthy even though they claimed that the person they called Martin was Arnaud. became suspicious not only of the strangers but also Arnaud. Going onto our modern society there is a clear contrast but some similarities between now and the premodern society. First, looking at the type of society we live in it is considered a information society. Unlike agricultural, which was based off of growing crops and creating a food surplus, we create and store information. We divide our labor like the ag. society but it is highly specialized work. People in an information society also have a permanent settlement, instead of living in a village we live in suburban residences outside of large cities. Included in this is commuting for work which means people now have to travel farther distances to work. The main social focus is based off of consumption not production like agricultural. Finally, children are seen more as expensive not a helping hand or insurance when you get older like the premodern societies. Going to statuses and roles in a modern society, there are very little similarities to the premodern. Unlike premodern,
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