Returning Ex-Convicts Exiled Into Our Society. Imagine

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Returning Ex-Convicts exiled into our Society Imagine having a next door neighbor is an ex-convict; which is defined as “a former inmate in prison” (ex-con). According to Bonita Veysey, the editor of How Offenders Transform their lives ‘‘This year, over 600,000 people will be released from prison, and many millions will be returning to their communities from shorter stints in jails’’(2). With this statement, would you feel comfortable continuing to live in your neighborhood? Or immediately pack up your family and move else where. Ex-convicts have many challenges when released from prison which include: how society views them, finding employment, and how to overcome their past. Suppose ones decided to pack up and leave your neighbor…show more content…
If the same character was black had tattoos on his face and sagging pants, the audience more be much more inclined to see that person get caught and go to prison. These well organized white collar criminals receive praise for being intelligent and manipulating the law. These aesthetically pleasing criminals get a pat on the back and are seen as someone who made a mistake and needs a second chance. Race plays a role on which side the convict is labeled as. When one is black they tend to be more associated with the gangs and street violence vs. the white men who are more likely to commit corporation criminals. Environment also plays a role in the race of the criminals and also the act of the criminal. African American men tend to grow up on the street ; so then they get in truble doing activities that relate to the street. White men tend to usually have a job are a company which then they take advance of the corporation. Overall most Americans would agree that ex-convicts do not have a positive outlook and you are not expected to accept them back into everyday life. When criminals are finally released from the government 's cage, they have to step back into the lion 's den of this cruel world. “The gates were finally open, as I stepped back on solid ground I felt a sense of relief mixed with fear” (Rodriquez). In an interview with Jeffrey

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