Returning Soldiers with Ptsd: How Does This Disorder Affect the Spouse?

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Returning soldiers with PTSD: How does this disorder affect the spouse?
Cindy L. Giese
Psychology 6400
Megan Tsang, PsyD
March 5, 2012
University of the Rockies Abstract
The purpose for this research proposal is to find out if spouses are under more stress than the returning soldier. PTSD is a growing problem in returning veterans. The importance of this topic is to contribute to the exiting research on PTSD and the effects on children, especially the spouses of the returning soldiers. The impact of the returning soldiers on the spouse and families does not appear to be getting the attention it deserves, since the main focus appears to be on the retuning soldier. The method used in this proposal is quasi-experimental, because
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Living with a partner with PTSD can be difficult, especially if a spouse is uneducated about the disorder and does not know how to react to the significant changes in their spouse. This type of behavior and interaction within the marriage can cause significant stress on both the veteran as well as the spouse. Spouses of returning veterans may also experience a feeling of being overwhelmed being the head of the household and managing the household finances (Department of VA affairs, 2011). Some spouses also feel isolated from friends and family, because they feel an obligation to take care of their husbands or wives and makes them feel isolated from family. Early research on PTSD has shown a harmful effect of PTSD on families (Hayes, Wakefield, Andresen, Scherrer, Traylor, Wiegmann, Demark, & DeSouza, 2010). Furthermore, research has shown being exposed to long term combat siturations increases the risk for other mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and alcohole abuse (Hayes, & et al; 2010, p.825 Some partners of returning soldiers become care givers which puts a lot of stress on them. Also, once these soldiers understand what care giving means, than they will become confident in their abilities as a caregiver. . In order for these veterans and their families to cope with PTSD and the affects there has to be more education and social support for these military families. It seems like the partners of
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