Returning to College as an Adult Essay

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I recently found a list of goals that I had written 20 years ago. Most of the goals were realistic and I was able to achieve them. While I was checking the items off my list that I accomplished, there was one that I have debated about for many years—returning to school to earn a degree. Returning to school has always been achievable; however, as each year of my life sped by and I got older, I always came up with more and more excuses as to why I should not return to school. One day I received a course catalog in the mail showing online classes at the college. I decide that an online class would be the first step to my future. I am so grateful for the first day of that class. All the excuses and delays regarding returning to school…show more content…
It seemed the harder I tried, the worse grades I received. My parents punished me for not achieving high marks by grounding me on the weekends to keep studying more and more. All this punishment did not help because I began hating the pressure of school because I did try hard and had a desire to get good grades however the more effort that I put in, the harder school seemed to get. Additionally, each year every student was obligated to perform in a talent show for the whole student body and community of parents. I remember feeling like these shows were put on so the parents could laugh, make fun of and be entertained at the expense of the unfortunate children. I remember feeling sorry for some students that just didn’t have the talent they were trying to portrait. Being a student in the 1970’s, you did what you were told to do, without question, and if you did do something that was out of line, your parents were called to pick you up, and you were punished at home. I really did not like grammar school much. I was in the lower average of my class, I did not have a great talent, and I was made fun of for being different than others students---I have red hair. I really dreaded going to school as a child due to the pressures that the school, teachers and my parents put on me. Attending high school in the 1980’s for me was just about the same as attending grammar school I attended an all-girls Catholic School We wore the same
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