Essay on Returning to College as an Adult

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Returning to College as an Adult

Coming to college as an adult, we have many expectations and preconceptions of what college will or will not be. The expectations we have can influence our college life for the better or the worse. My experience since starting college has been an interesting one. People have misconceptions about college because they do not know what to expect. After doing some research, I have concluded that there are three major factors that are often misunderstood about college life. The first is the financial aspect of college. Second, is the relationship between the professors and students. Third is time management. These three factors play an important role in why people are afraid to go down the path to college.
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There are many options available from low-tuition state universities, financial aid, employer tuition reimbursement. In some cases, you can be eligible for various types of grants. Being a single mother or just shopping at a certain supermarket can make you eligible.

There is a misconception about the professors (sometimes called instructors). Questions arise such as; will they make time for me when I need the extra help? How large will the class be? Will they understand that this may not be as easy for me as it is for others? These questions enter our minds and may seem discouraging at times. Through my personal experiences I have found that classroom atmospheres may not always be for everyone. However, that does not mean college life is not for everyone. You can take many alternative routes. You can take advantage of telecourses, online courses, accelerated courses and many other options that may be more suitable. My professors have been great. They come in earlier to help and return e-mails and/or phone calls promptly.

You also expect to be able to accomplish your work quickly and with minimal stress, leaving more time to work and spend with your family. You expect to be able to do what you did in high school and still pass. However college, by far, is nowhere as easy as most anticipate. You have to study, unlike high school, where you could float on by with A's by seldomly attending class. College is harder than high school and therefore
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