Returning to Full-Time Education: Challenges Faced by Mature Students

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Introduction There exists a wide range of problems faced by mature students as they seek to return to full time education. Challenges in this case could either be emotional or practical. However, it is important to note that the decision to return to school can present an individual with a perfect opportunity for development and personal growth. Returning to Fulltime Education: Challenges Faced by Mature Students It can be noted that in relation to their younger counterparts, mature students typically encounter special challenges which may in one way or another impede their academic commitments. However, these challenges have not hindered those keen on pursuing their education from enlisting for fulltime education. In Ireland, anybody can apply or enlist as a mature student in third level colleges if he or she happens to be above 23 years old (Citizens Information Board, 2010, n.p). According to Moon (2008, p.184), "mature students are often challenged by the management of time." This is more so the case if such students happen to have other commitments including but not limited to familial obligations. Further, mature students in the opinion of Mcllroy (2003, p.13) could find themselves trying to juggle between the demands of the class and that of their full-time jobs amongst other things. Further some mature students may be apprehensive that the age difference existing between them and their younger counterparts could end up creating a social barrier of sorts. In

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