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Wanting to return to school has been a dream for a long time. I am starting out a little late, at 45 years old, but I have finally found my passion, working in education. Since the age of thirteen, I have been working multiple jobs day and night, only to still be below the poverty line; stuck in survival mode for so long now that I need to have a permanent positive change that will help me accomplish more than I ever have. The reason for me going back to school is to get certified so I may become a teacher. Our low income was the culprit-on-pushing-me to get started. I have been struggling for so long that now it is time for me to make a real difference in my life and those around me, hopefully resulting in an increase in my…show more content…
While doing everything, I have been the only income, and support for my family, working three jobs, and volunteering for the PHS Band Boosters. Stress is high at home, and I just do not feel welcome. Our power was turned off, the phone and internet have already been disconnected, the house is a mess, the cars are breaking down, and we have no clothes, or shoes that are decent, and no money to buy any. I cannot afford to have the trash hauled off, so we live with piles of garbage outside and inside. I am two months behind on the rent, and we live out of the local food banks for our food. I’m so embarrassed of how we live that I won't let anyone come over to visit. I hear the kids and my husband saying that they blame me for how we live. It's my fault that I am not home to keep things clean, or help with their homework, or that I am not bringing in enough money to pay the bills. I have to fight each day just to prove myself, to those closest to me. At this time the best that I can do, is to talk with one of the counselors at school, to see if they may be able to help us out as a family. Working with so many different types of people throughout the years, has taught me that there is a way if it is important enough to you. Giving up is not an option In order for this to work a serious change at home will need to take place, getting everyone back on track, and setting their priorities straight. I will need

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