Reunification between North and South Korea Essay

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Reunification between North and South Korea "In our hearts, I think we have already achieved reunification." Kim Bok Young, a clothing retailer in Seoul.1 As a new generation is born and raised that has forgotten the Korean War, the vast majority of Koreans want reunification of the Korean peninsula. The collective group called “Koreans” is a people that were dramatically and carelessly ripped into two states. With families and friends on each side of the border, there is a cry for help on each side. Unfortunately the governments of these two states have differences that separate a common…show more content…
The line between the occupants was established at the 38th parallel. During this occupation the United Nations intended to oversee the elections of North Korea in 1948, but the Soviets did not allow them to. The Communist saw the opportunity of a buffer zone between them and the United States and North Korea was the answer. The Soviets placed Kim Il-Song, a Mao Ze-dong pretege, into the seat of power. Pyongyang took a strong communism stance thus allowing the Soviets to have a buffer zone with the more capitalistic South Korea.2

In June 1950, one year after the American troops left, the North attacked the unprepared South. With the help of the Soviets and China the North was easily able to take virtually the entire peninsula. South Korea requested for assistance from the United Nations. In a few days the UN sent many troops from 19 countries under the able control of Douglas Macarthur. Macarthur was quickly able to take back the southern portion of the peninsula by October and even started to move into the North. China took action and sent thousands of troops which drove Macarthur back into the South. Luckily Macarthur was able to take back Seoul, South Koreas Capital.3

Knowing the potential outcomes of further confrontation the North and the South agreed to cease fire and created the “Demilitarized Zone" also known as the DMZ. Ironically, with over a half a million

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