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How we see each other
The stories I am going to write about are “Reunion” by John Cheever from 1962 and “Living with strangers” by Siri Hustvedt from 2002 . These stories are short stories. The one I am going to focus on the most is “Reunion” by John Cheever. This is the short story which I am going to analyze, and I am going to draw parallels with “Living with strangers”.
“Reunion” is about a son that is waiting for his father in Grand Central Station. His father comes to take him out for lunch. He has not seen his father in 3 years - since his mother divorced him. The father really wanted to take the son up to his club. But the club was in the Sixties. The son and his father go to 4 different restaurants, where they either get no
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The last time he saw his dad was at that 90 minute meeting they had.
The father lives in New York. We do not get a name on this man. He is a man with a good job, because it was his secretary that told Charlie that he would meet him at the station. He has been divorced for 3 years and had not seen his son since. He was a big, good-looking man. He smelled like rich compound whiskey and after-shave lotion, shoe polish, woolens and as a mature male. He had a club in the Sixties, where he always went. This could have a slight sense that he is addicted to alcohol. He knows how to speak Italian, French and German, because the restaurant they went to, he could speak their languages. He talks to people in a way so that it will make him higher in level than they are. He wants to show off in front of Charlie, so that he would not think that he is nothing.
This short story takes place in New York. It first takes place at Grand Central Station where Charlie is waiting on his father. His father came at twelve o’clock sharp. After this meeting they start to go out into the city to grab some lunch. They only have 90 minutes and therefore they stand at Grand Central Station quickly again. The father purchases a newspaper for Charlie at a newsstand.
The short story’s composition is built up as they go along. It starts out where Charlie begins to tell us about why he is there and what he is going to do. Then Charlie tells us a bit of information about his father and

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