Essay on Reusable Energy and Cooling Systems

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Abstract Traditional cooling method can initiatively decrease the inside temperature, but it may consume extra energy, while novel building structure can ease the problem of energy consumption through utilizing nature energy and reducing the conduction of heat which from exterior to inside. Introduction At present, to meet the increasing need of society and environment, bringing in reuse energy and advanced structure are essential in cooling system of intelligent buildings. Cooling means “the amount of heat that must be removed from a building in order to maintain desirable indoor temperature and humidity conditions” (M.Santamouris, 1993). The most comfortable temperature and humidity for human is 18-25°C and 45% RH - 75%…show more content…
Thus new intelligent building can be more convenient and comfortable for human to live. Although there still has disadvantages between the improvement of traditional system and new structure, new energy need more advanced technology which means high cost; new structure may contain new materials and technics, Thus before designing a new intelligent building, it should be consider more aspects, such as cost and available technology. Definition Traditional cooling system: The most ordinary traditional cooling methods contain natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation uses air velocities by natural forces (wind and buoyancy) in openings such as doors and windows to reduce indoor temperature and humidity to provide comfortable environment and fresh air to occupants (Jankovic, 1993). Mechanical ventilation: Mechanical ventilation usually uses fans which is the most common equipment in cooling system to provide the necessary air movement and exchange of outside air to reduce the temperature (Jankovic, 1993). Advanced structure: In intelligent building, advanced structure plays an essential role in cooling. Advanced structure means using new technology and materials in construction. Some special designs provide a whole flexible building in
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