Reuse Of Water And Low Cost

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Reuse of water and low cost, this is because the saving water resources, water and energy costs of long distance water transportation and infrastructure costs. Third, urban wastewater reuse for agricultural production and green, will bring considerable environmental benefits. Because the water is generally used, so a long-distance pipeline transport of fresh water, low cost, and secondary treatment of urban wastewater reuse, also reduces emissions to the waters, bringing considerable environmental benefits, the environmental and economic benefits are unified.
The outdoor water reduction has a couple of ways to achieve it

• Soil improvement
Retention of poor soil by mixing aqueous organic soil and add water retention polymers to improve water holding capacity of the soil.

• Use efficient watering equipment
When using water sprinkler system should watch out do not exceed the garden range. In the garden, we can use the edge of part circle sprinklers inside spray so can avoid water sprayed to road, pavement or wall. If the sprinkler system is automatically sprayed we need to make sure the sprinkler does not work in rainy days. Usually let sprinkler working in the early morning or evening, because less water loss due to evaporation.

• The amount of water
The best turf way is to give it just enough water survival. We can wait watering until the surface began to dry.

• Mowing
Do not cut it too short to avoid roots be burnt and reduce ground water evaporation to saving…

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