Reuven Friendship

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Unbreakable Friendship in The Chosen Friendship is one of the most valuable components in life. Friendship has the ability to change lives in a positive way. Friendship changes people’s views on life to a more positive outlook. “True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests in a crisis. Friendship goes beyond sharing time together, and it is long lasting.” ( As we spend a lot of time with our friends, friendship opens our minds to different ways of viewing the world. Unfortunately, sometimes strong barriers may be placed by those who see two people’s friendship as a threat; since people are influenced by their friends, friendship could make people question what…show more content…
Danny views Orthodox Jews as unholy Jews. “I told my team we’re going to kill you apikorsim this afternoon.” (Danny Saunders 33). Danny hits a ball that hits Reuven in the eye, shattering his glasses and lodging a shard of glass in his pupil. Danny visits Reuven in the hospital to apologise for almost blinding him. Danny wants to strike a friendship with Reuven, but Reuven initially rejects him. However, over the next few days Reuven changes his views on Danny and becomes friends with him. “You did a foolish thing Reuven…You remember what the Talmud says. If a person comes to apologize for having hurt you, you must listen and forgive him”.(David Malter 94). Thus, a friendship is born out of animosity and continues to blossom.
Reuven and Danny’s friendship continues to grow deeper. They are both introduced to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. “Yes, You know what a friend is Reuven?--- two people ---with two bodies and one soul.” (David Malter 110). Reuven also goes to Danny’s synagogue where he watches in amazement as Danny and his father go back and forth arguing about the finer points and interpretation of the Talmud. Danny has a photographic memory and a very deep understanding of the Talmud and per the tradition of his Hasidic Jewish sect is expected to take his father’s footsteps and become a
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Reuven and Danny are enrolled in the same college and are forced to break their friendship because of the differences between their fathers. The slaughter of over six million jews during the holocaust leads to the demand to form a Jewish state. David Malter wants a more secular Jewish republic. “Six million of our people have been slaughtered--- we can not wait for God.” (David Malter 277). But Reb Saunders wants a more religious republic focusing on the Torah. “If Reb Saunders even once heard of Danny being anywhere in my presence, he would remove him immediately from the college and send him to an out-of-town yeshiva for his rabbinic ordination.” (Reuven Malter 331). When the United Nations officially declares the creation of Israel as a Jewish State, Reb Saunders is relieved and allows Danny to revive his friendship with Reuven. Reuven and Danny resume their friendship and the influence they have had on each other makes Reuven choose to become a rabbi while Danny chooses to become a psychologist. Friendship opens our minds to different views and perspectives and change our perceptions. It has the power to change people’s views on life in a positive way. True friends will do anything to keep their friendship alive, no matter the barriers. Potok proves through the friendship of Danny and Reuven that friendship can be achieved no matter the barriers. He proves that friendship is a key value to life through his motif
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