Revelation 20

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The “thousand years” in Revelation is only used six times and only in chapter 20 between verses 2-7. In verse 7 it is a reference to after the “thousand years” and in this paper we will concentrate on verses 1-6 which focus on the “thousand years” themselves. Since a “thousand years” equals a millennium this term we will be used interchangeably from this point forward. The millennium in Revelation 20 is only used in reference to the reign of Jesus Christ after Satan the devil has been imprisoned. There are three main views on this millennial reign they are Amillennial, Postmillennial, and Premillennial. While there is much debate over the differences, all three views believe that Jesus is coming again, that there will be a physical resurrection…show more content…
The classical postmillennial view sees the millennium as a near future event. The modern postmillennial view sees us as currently in the millennium. The postmillennial millennium may be an actual or symbolic (long time) thousand years. Both see that by spreading the gospel, the church will cause the world to continuously improve till the entire world comes to Christ. The conclusion of the millennium will be the second coming of Jesus Christ and the defeat of the Devil. The view that the church needs to continue spread the gospel and should except Christ to return at any time is correct. As for the world continuing to improve it would seem to this author that the world is currently going in the wrong direction. Gay and lesbian marriage has been legalized, abortion has been legalized, and President Obama has said that we are not a Christian country. The Olivet Discourse (Matt 24; MK 13; LK 21) does not lead one to see peace on earth before the return of Christ. It actually teaches the opposite. How can we have the millennial reign of Christ and have false messiahs and prophets, wars, famines, pestilence, persecution, and earthquakes? The postmillennial view requires that we ignore the world’s current state, and constrain the Olivet Discourse to the Jews of that time and the end of the world as they knew
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