Revelation Of Revelation And Revelation

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Revelation. Revelation is defined in the dictionary as “a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.” What this shows us that while others may describe revelation as an event that may only occur once, as Catholics we believe that revelation is a process. The process of revelation is a long laborious process that has taken thousands of years to get to the understanding that we are at right now and it will probably take humanity millions of years to fully understand the process of revelation that Catholics believe in. There are four details to the process of revelation. One of them is that God has created us with everything that we needed to understand him. This means that God has given us all of the tools to comprehend all the things that he had revealed. What we do not realize is that we can only obtain the infirmaries that God has given to us. He has only given us some of the pieces of the puzzle as well as the complete picture of what the puzzle will look like. But this isn 't enough for us as a society. In a world when everything is given to us very quickly we can 't understand why we don 't have all the information right away. Because of this we must remind ourselves the that God loves us and just because we can 't understand doesn 't mean he loves us any less. The second detail of revelation is that God will reveals himself to us when we are ready. This means that God is all knowing and only he will know when

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