Revelation, When The Fifth Seal Is Being Open By Jesus The Manhattan Project

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According to the Book of Revelation, when the sixth seal is being open by Jesus the Manhattan Project is already in the thought planning phase. In June 1942, God’s strategy proves the Manhattan Project is, a methodical effort run by the military [under great secrecy], and once complete will be a turning point in World War II . In other words, in John’s vision, the sixth seal is a warning to all humans that any problem of any hour is solvable, and for those who are no longer part of his Kingdom of God, will be cast out for eternity. One of the most characteristic features of the Manhattan Project is not to understand the weapons impending doom, but is a divine purpose, that if anyone who fails to understand the significance of the project’s truth will not know the full extent of God’s purpose. With the United State scientists and the military, no introduction is necessary, since it’s beginnings, the project is part of several espionage attacks from other countries, for the reasons they know any completion of the project will be synonymous with an end to the Antichrist’s time. Yet, the project as a great evil will damn the souls of thousands by exchanging counterfeit solutions for natural human problems that will ordinarily lead a person to God but will all be part of superstitious darkness for decades to come. While this project, interferes with each person, it does send whole populations to look for a savior, not of divine power, but to the President of the United States…

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