Revelation by Ruby Turpin Essay

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Revelation by Ruby Turpin There are three distinctive characteristics that Ruby Turpin showed in the essay "Revelation." Ruby was an extremely dominant woman who was judgmental, controlling, and blind to the true reality of life. She was definitely in need of a revelation in order to help her with a change in attitude. I suppose she was never introduced to the saying "the first shall be last and the last shall be first." Claud and Ruby Turpin were a couple that had a little of everything. They didn't want for much and didn't mind giving to the needy. They didn't have any children, just a yard full of chickens, cows, and hogs, and a house of their own. So Ruby considered herself to be at the top of the poll when it came to economic …show more content…
She was a woman who was pretty big in size, a bit taller than Claud, and she had a stern voice. She felt like what she viewed and said goes and that everyone should think and move to her command. Ruby also showed this controlling attitude towards those in the doctor's office also. Which is why the young college girl, Mary Grace, called her "a wart hog from hell." Mary Grace referenced her to the big husky, mean, and stern wart hog. Mary Grace could see right through her, which is probably why she felt the need to throw the book at her and proceed to choke her. Ruby couldn't figure out why this happened then, but she would soon find out why. Ruby believed that doing good deeds made her the better person and would surely get her a first class seat into heaven, when in fact it doesn't. She felt like these things made her also a better Christian: "To help anybody out that needed it was her philosophy of life. She never spared herself when she found somebody in need, whether they were white or black, trash or decent" (271). True enough it didn't matter to her how fat, ugly, or poor she was, just as long as she was a good person. She failed to realize that just being a good person was truly of no heavenly value, what mattered is how she really felt in her heart and how humble she was with all of her possession. Ruby was mean and hateful in thoughts, and so all her goodness was in vain. She also lifted herself up in life by taking account of all she had
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