Revelations and Parker?s Back Essay

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Revelations and Parker’s Back      The story “Revelations” by Flannery O’Connor portrays the character of Ms. Turpin as a very hypocritical Christian. It’s absurd how obvious she is in her view of society; it could not be less unchristian like. Her opinions towards other people and their intelligence are Ms. Turpin’s greatest flaw. “Parker’s Back” also written by Flannery O’Connor is just the opposite of Revelations, Parker spends his entire life trying to fill a void that has grown so deep inside him it becomes unbearable. His continual dislike and downgrading of Christianity plays into his problems even more. The stories have very unique approaches, both of which prove to be very intriguing.…show more content…
Mrs. Turpin explains her views when she says “If its one thing I am, its grateful. When I think who all I could have been besides myself and what I got, a little of everything, I just feel like shouting.“ Her character does not seem to be a very honest character; she puts on an act around everybody to make sure she can derive from them what she needs. A perspective on this from Dorothy T. McFarland in a formalist reading was that “O’Connor obviously felt that Mrs. Turpin’s belief in her own goodness was, if anything, more of an obstacle to the salvation of her soul that an outright commitment to evil.“(perspectives,409) She always seemed to think she was doing right, never seeing anything wrong until the end of the story. After being called a wart hog from hell she opens her eyes and sees the truth. A good way of understanding the symbolic ness of this is best put by Todd Heldt when they say “no amount of cleansing will ever change the essence, no amount of good work or intellectual justification will change the sinful nature of human beings.”(Browse) She was finally realizing the concept of her being a bad Christian. She finally comes to terms with her sense of herself. The other story “Parker’s Back” takes another unique route.      The character of Parker is that of an honest but sometimes deceiving lower class Negro. He is a very unintelligent
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