Revelations of Divine Love

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It was written by Julian of Norwich, a woman who reflects the nature of the medieval time period. She would come to define a representation of the connection that people can have to divine beings in many variety of forms by being a famous mystic. As she interprets her mystic experiences, she depicts Jesus Christ as a “working mother” of the Trinity. Her belief is that Christ embodies the characteristics of motherhood and this would enable a caring and nurturing foundation for the Christian faith. Christ as mother extends to both to the physical humanity in bodily bleeding and suffering in order to give life and to the spirituality of Christ whom delivers the soul; eternal and heavenly. This motherhood of Christ is a vital part of Julian’s theology and the idea of feminine love extends even to sin and salvation. But most of all, she depicts Christ as feminine, not to distinguish him as being even more of a woman, but to analyze a blurring of the genders, having Christ, and therefore God as beyond manmade categories. In turn, this would come to positively impact women by having an idol that is not androgynous. This follows the Trinity being a father, mother and lordship (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). Christianity is one of the largest religious practices in the world and it has many different…
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