Revenge And Revenge In Frankenstein

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On September 11, 2011; terrorists from Iraq hijacked U.S airplanes and crashed them into the two Trade Centers. For days upon days, the people of America were in a state of panic as they anticipated another attack to strike near them. The collected cries of the American people caused a very on edge George Bush to declare that America is at a state of war with Iraq, for revenge for what they have done to our country. Similarly, in the book, Frankenstein, (or the Modern Day Prometheus), by Marry Shelley, both Frankenstein and his creation are driven by revenge for the things each had done toward the other. The monster blames Victor for giving him life into a society that is appalled by his looks by killing off his friends and family, while Victor seeks to destroy the monster for causing him regret and for killing off his family. Both quests eventually lead to the deaths of many people as well as themselves. It is events like this that has made me realize how revenge never really aims to solve anything; how it either fails to ultimately accomplish its goal, or by achieving victory, but causing insurmountable deaths in the process. It is not just my opinion but the opinion of professionals, for there is evidence gathered by phycologists that revenge not only effects the surrounding populous, but also the individual as well.

A common theme found in Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein is the effects revenge has on other people. For the monster himself tries to seek revenge
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