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Throughout history, revenge, or vengeance, has been altered by several cultures and even the American culture. This is shown throughout many ancient greek epics. Throughout these two epics, what is just revenge and what the action of revenge is are much different than what Revenge is seen through today’s society. Revenge is the main theme in The Iliad, with Achilles’ revenge on Agamemnon and Hector, and in The Odyssey, with Poseidon’s revenge on Odysseus and Odysseus’s revenge on the Suitors, and these epics define how revenge was seen in the ancient Greek world.
Revenge in The Iliad it the main theme and drives men to do things that they would not normally do. The main example of this is Achilles wanting revenge on Agamemnon. The first
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This desire is so powerful that it ignites Achilles inner warrior and he kills many men on his way to get to hector. According to Smith, when he finally kills hector, who is the greatest Trojan warrior, he does snot stop there. He continues his revenge hector by strapping his ankles to the back of his chariot and driving around the city. This shows that he has no decency in him because of his flaming desire for vengeance because of the death of Patroclus. Achilles revenge on Hector and on Agamemnon show how the concept of revenge has changed. In today’s society, it would not be proper revenge to sit out of a war, but to join the war. Also, today it would be considered terrible enough to kill someone, but even some of the vilest people would not drag a person whom they have murdered around a city by their chariot.
The Odyssey and the Iliad have a very key point in common, both focus on the revenge of someone by a person or god they have wronged. In the Odyssey, one of the main times that revenge is present is Poseidon revenge on Odysseus for stabbing Polymepheus, Poseidon’s son’s eye out. In order to get revenge on Odysseus his son’s injuries, Poseidon makes Odysseus’s voyage years longer than it has to be. This revenge on odysseus is unjust because odysseus was only getting revenge on his six shipmates that Polymepheus had eaten. This makes the revenge on Odysseus disproportionate to what he did to Polymepheus and it is not just because of
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