Revenge of the 5th

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Not many people understand how the government's abilities affect their daily lives, and some are even completely ignorant to their privacy actions. I intend to inform them about the dangers of releasing personal information into the open, as it is not only harmful for yourself, but to others around them.The audience will then learn that the government is always listening to our every text, call, email, search, and keystroke and adding every day people into a bank of information.

Over Stepping Their Bounds and Punishing the Innocent

Imagine a world where every step, every movement, every thought was tracked. The world is evolving faster than people can think, and not all for the good. As the science and technology of the 21st century continues to grow and expand, so do the corresponding fields such hacking, wiretappings, and general anti-privacy. The government has continually been using these developing areas to track its citizens at all cost. The constant belligerence of the government's wiretappings have warranted a closer look at this invasion privacy. Under the scapegoat of terrorist tracking, law enforcements continue to cover their steps. Although wiretappings have given aid in a few certain…

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