Revention for any Computer System Failure Essay

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In companies, there are several problem in computer system. Companies need to take in order to prevent any computer system failure. The first way to prevent is, adequate backup. The most common problem experienced by the company when they do not do any back up. The best way to ensure safety is to make a backup of the can. In the event of any threat or destruction cannot be saved, with the backup will not be a problem.
Secondly is test your backup data. After backing up, you should test your backups by performing data recovery. To perform tests on the backup data has been stored, you can confirm that your data is safe in the back up. If you do not have a test system, you need to practice to keep your data into a temporary folder on the
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Fifth way to prevent is using a firewall. A firewall is a system, or group of system that enforces an access-control policy between two networks. It is commonly used as a barrier between a secure corporate intranet or other internal networks and the internet, which is unsecured. Firewalls functioning by deciding what traffic to permit into and out of the network and what traffic block. Firewalls need to be configured to enforce the company security procedures and policies. Firewall will block threats and malicious hackers. You should make sure the firewall kept between the Internet and your computer, also other users. Your data will be safe from the outside and you do not need to have problems to cope with the threat.
The other way to prevent is, do not share or allow any network access to any unknown users. Your computer data maybe expose to theft and modification. Anyone on the Internet can access your files or data freely. If you receive any emails or spamming with the attachment from unknown senders, do not open it. It may contain virus or they can detect your data through it. If they managed to detect your computer, this will give you big problems. You will have difficulty if there is important information you scattered.
Furthermore, you need to beware of user error. Often that company engineer is the main problems. A common way that users always lose their data is when they are doing any editing a document and accidentally delete the portions of data. After
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