Reverend Flowers At The Front Of The Classroom

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WILLIAM stood at the back of the cider mill and stared over the makeshift classroom. Mary and Reverend Flowers stood at the front of the classroom. Forty students ranging from 5-years-old up to 18-years-old sat at tables arranged by grade level. Mary taught a lesson on long division to a group of 7-year-olds while Reverend Flowers monitored the rest of the students as they worked independently at their desks. Reverend Flowers walked to an 11-year-old boy in the second row who was doodling in the margins of a notebook instead of focusing on his reading assignment. Reverend Flowers grabbed the boy by his ear and yanked him out of his seat. “This is the second time I’ve had to speak with you,” Reverend Flowers said. “There will not be a third time.” Reverend Flowers dragged the boy by his ear to the front of the classroom. Mary stopped her lesson and directed the class to put down their work and pay attention to the disciplinary action meted out by Reverend Flowers. The students put down their pencils and looked up from their assignments. “Hands out,” Reverend Flowers said. The boy raised his hands in front of him with the palms down, closed his eyes, and gritted his teeth. Reverend Flowers lifted a yardstick and slapped the boy’s knuckles three times in a row. The boy began crying. “Return to your seat and focus on your work,” Reverend Flowers said. “If there is a third time, it will mean a visit to the woodshed.” Mary and Reverend Flowers oversaw the education of Blue…

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