Reverse Racism Is Not A New Topic Of This Day And Age,

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Reverse racism is not a new topic of this day and age, it came into use during the Civil Rights Movement. It was coined by white people in response to the slow integration of black minorities into a more equal position in society to whites. The issue arose because these people felt their rights as white Americans were being disregarded in order to put minorities on top. The term has recently been brought back to light in the heat of the Black Lives Matter movement. The idea has been very hotly debated based on the terminology or what people believe racism implies versus what it really means. There are two sides to this dispute about reverse racism. One side who feels that they are being oppressed in the same way as other minorities simply…show more content…
Considering prejudice can come from negativity towards someone’s race, it is reasonable to suggest that the mistake is made upon using the more general term. Another point of distinction between the two words is that racism is generally associated with the superior group having power over the suppressed group or a social system made to benefit a particular group. For example, the government during the Civil Rights Movement was composed of white individuals who had the power and authority to limit African American peoples rights. The white people in that scenario were able to use their power to suppress those who did not have the status to fight back. This implies that the suppressing side must have some kind of advantage over the oppressed, or it is not necessarily racism. A main theme among people who believe whites are being discriminated against due to their race is that white people are being attacked for just that reason. They describe stories about white people being physically attacked for voicing their opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement. Ben Morris describes several examples of what he calls “racism against white people” in his article. He explains that these hate crimes happened due to the victim’s skin color and that this should be enough evidence to see that people are racist towards white people too. In his article, Morris also discusses cultural appropriation. He mentions various racial and cultural issues
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