Reverse Racism

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Racism VS. Reverse Racism Racism is far more complex than people often acknowledge, more complex than reverse racism claims to be. Racism is a system created to benefit from the oppression of people of color. Reverse racism is a theory created to claim that the majority race is as oppressed as the marginalized. Although racism and reverse racism seem linked together, they are different because while racism is oppression benefiting those with privilege and power, “reverse racism,” is more of a racist rhetoric. Racism and reverse racism seem to be set up on the same scale of ideas. They both have to do with the targeting of a certain group based on race, including ignorance and bigotry towards said group.…show more content…
When a person of color says something offensive towards a person who is white, it doesn’t enforce anything onto white people that has deep, cultural, or historical background behind it; and it doesn’t affect their ability to get jobs or how they are perpetually viewed in society. It isn’t right, but it wouldn’t affect them in life-altering way. If it were the other way around, it would be a different story. Another interesting difference between these two is how the terms are used, thrown around, or brought up. While racism is called out by people who are realistically responding to the challenges and struggles they face, reverse racism is used as a tactic to speak over the voices of the oppressed and dismiss their real experiences and valid feelings. For example, reverse racism is really only acknowledged by those who are, quite frankly, racist, when they see safe spaces for people of color or if they see them beginning to stand up for themselves. People only begin to seem to shout out the terms "reverse racism," when they see protests including mainly minorities, or find a certain event space that is de-centered from white people and their experiences. Reverse racism is never pointed out by white people who support it, unless POC speak out about actual racism and disadvantages they've faced. This contradicts to the claim that "reverse racism is just as bad as racism," and that it apparently affects white people all the
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