Review : 12 Years A Slave Directed By Steve Mcqueen

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Entitled 12 Years a Slave directed by Steve McQueen. Based on the 1853 memoir of the same name written by Solomon Northup, 12 Years a Slave documents the true story of the trials and tribulations of a once free New-York state born African-American musician after he is kidnapped in Washington D.C by a pair of alleged “traveling entertainers” with whom he agreed to perform and sold into slavery in 1841. (Tobias) During his time in captivity, Northup was transferred and traded to work on various different plantations across the state of Louisiana. It would be a staggering twelve years of isolation and despair before his status as a free man is proven and his freedom is at long last reclaimed. Along his journey, Solomon makes unexpected allies including William Ford- the first major plantation owner to whom Northup is traded. Despite being a slaver, Ford is a surprisingly compassionate man who acts with considerable regard towards Northup and his fellow slaves. After Northup impresses Ford by engineering a convenient waterway for transporting logs cheaply and effectively across a swamp, Ford becomes particularly fond of Northup and even gifts him with a violin in gratitude for his assistance. The peaceful tenure with Ford is abruptly ended however, when Ford decides to sell Northup after he escapes a nearly fatal encounter with one of Ford’s abusive and obnoxious overseers. Northup also encounters unyielding adversaries, such as Edwin Epps- the final plantation owner…
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